The Works (Jean-Louis & Emily)

Part three

All Emily could see as they entered the dark bedroom was, the Echo dot smart speaker with an LED display of the time on the bedside, and a little ray of light from the street lamp that found it’s way into the room through the ceiling to floor window. As soon as they got to the center of the bedroom, Jean-Louis dropped Emily gracefully on the bed and proceeded to put the lights on. While the french man went about shutting the drapes, and selecting a pre-planned playlist, she couldn’t help but admire his taste, simple but classy. The drapes on the french window matched the general colour of the room. He had white soft sheets on his king size bed with an array of pillows and by the corner close to the window there was a couch with a coffee table, a perfect spot to enjoy the sunrise with probably a cup of coffee and a book. The paintings on the wall attested to his taste in art. A large 65 inch screen adorned the wall just where his work station was. This man definitely gets brownie point for being neat and orderly.

Slowly, the light in the room went dim and the bedside Echo dot smart speaker came alive with a song from Shae Universe (Royalty) ft Kojey radical, Emily was drawn back to reality by the touch of Jean-Louis' hand on her shin as he knelt in front of her to unbuckle her shoes. For the first time he got an up close look at how beautiful her skin was. He felt a little nudge in his pants as his mind traveled all the way up her dress. The mood was certainly right, more brownie points for the french man. The ambience in the room was enough to make Emily conscious of her insides melting all the way to her kitty.

Jean-Louis got up and stretched his hand for Emily to grab "can you please stand up, your grace" he teased amidst a faux bow.

To which she responded by mockingly shaking her head from side to side with an attempt at a smirk while mouthing the words "yen, yen, yen"

He smiled and then wrapped his arms loosely around her waist, instinctively she responded by wrapping hers around his neck. He drew her closer, so that their bodies were joined as one, and muttered "I love how your beautiful eyes always mirror your emotions." Before she could fully process what she just heard, her minds was instantly redirected to the action taking place around her lips as Jean-Louis planted a kiss that promised to be the beginning of a serie of intense sensations that might not be easy to put to words. With the experience of a seasoned kisser, he explored every inch of her mouth while Emily responded with matching efficiency. But it was hard for her to focus on one sensation because Jean-Louis was also having his hands course through every inch of her back down to her butt being squeezed. He could hardly wait to unwrap those butt cheek and free them from her panties. She could only impatiently imagine how his palm will feel against her bare skin as well. She edged closer to him and went to the extent of stepping on the tip of his toes. In that moment, Jean-Louis felt it was counter productive to hide his bulging erection. True to his thoughts, as soon as he let go of his restraint on his dick, his hard rock phallus rubbed against Emily’s pubes, an act that made her let go of his lips and release a low moan as she tightened her grip around him. Her whole body was screaming for more and she hated that her clothes were an obstruction. Emily could sense a new surge of arousals hit her midsection.

Sprawl on the bed, with only her lilac thong and matching lace balconette bra covering her most sensitive parts, she could make out Jean-Louis' bulge through his brief and it made her blush on the inside. He was endowed in a non threatening way, almost as though his size made her inside scream “Come to me, I can take it all papi". The thought made her lick her lips seductively and Jean-Louis took that as his cue to explore every inch of her body. He got astride her, placed a sensual kiss on the back of her left ear, licked his lips and went a bit lower and placed another kiss between her ears and her neck, traced a path on her skin with his finger while kissing his way through the same path. From her left side he made his way to her neckline, erotically moving from the neck to the shoulder. He was not in a hurry, off course they had all night. Each kiss made Emily’s body come alive and her inside feel like a sauna. Jean-Louis could notice her once shallow breathing turn to controlable bits of somewhat still decent ragged breath. When he got to the strap of her bra, he gently slid then down her shoulder, circled back to her face, placed a light kiss on her already parted lips then moved to kiss the right side of her ears and with the same finesse he found his way to her bra straps on the right side and pulled it down.

His arousal made his dick throb against the fabric of his brief, it needed to be freed. Ignoring his erection he continued teasing Emily moving down her cleavage, admiring the mold of flesh that wasn’t covered by her bra but not touching her breasts yet, moving to her belly button and making his way down her sides. At this point she lost control of her breathing and you could visibly see the rise and fall of her chest in between her moans. He smacked his lips and then came all the way back to her breast. He skillfully slid his hand under her bra and brought out her tits and they both stared at her erect nipple for a split second. These boobies looked happy to be finally part of the action. On that note he teased her areola with the tip of his tongue before taking in the nipple on the right in his mouth as his fingers caressed the other nipple. Emily grabbed his head in response to the explosion of sensations that hit her pussy. With her head tilted slightly backward, she arched her back in pleasure.

He unclasped her bra with her help and then teasingly unwrapped her panties revealing her bare butt and pussy. Emily smiled at Jean-Louis because she remembered him saying he was going to unwrap her ass when they eventually meet and he did. He was amazed at what her panties were hiding and in that instant he wanted to just take off his brief and slide his cock in her wet pussy. But the french man had one more task to accomplish before his dick got to work. The room surprisingly smelled of his fragrance, her fragrance, the pot pourri spread round the room and sex.

Emily gave out the loudest moan the moment his tongue came in contact with her clitoris. At the beginning he was synching a slow circular movement with back and forth strokes around her clit. His tongue kept tirelessly flickering her slightly protruding clitoris. For a split second she wondered if Jean-Louis could breathe with his face plastered against her wetness for so long, but her inner hoe wasn’t in the mood to entertain such thought, so she found herself pressing down his head as she wiggled on the bed, trying desperately to grab unto the sheets and at the same time stifle her moan with the pillow she was bitting down on. Damn this man knows how to please a lady she thought. Nothing else mattered in the moment. All she wanted was to take his length and feel the heat of his body on hers.

With the agility of a cat, Emily moved out of Jean-Louis grip and pushed him on the bed after taking his briefs off to reveal his full length. She pushed her dangling hair out of the way, cupped his dick in her tender palm and began stroking and stroking slowly. When she was satisfied with her warm up exercise on his dick she pulled out the tip of her tongue to tease the pink cap of his dick, slowly circling it, never taking her hands off the lower end of his enormous shaft. Jean-Louis shuddered with pleasure. Nothing could have prepared him for the sensation of her warm mouth taking in half of his length, and the ensuing up and down movement she made. Emily knew the sloppier he blow job the better it would feel. So she spat on his dick and slid it back into her mouth. He tilted his head to look at what Emily was doing to his dick and she made eye contact with him, just before she dived in to take his full length down her throat without choking. Her inner hoe was satisfied !!! Jean-Louis' low moan could still be heard despite the music at the background.

Both their bodies, emotions and slutty desires finally agreed it was time for their genitals to meet. Emily wasn’t one to dwell too long on preliminaries but with Jean-Louis, the foreplay was worth the wait, so she got astride him, started stroking her pussy with his dick just before she tenderly lowered herself till his cock disappeared in her kitty. They both moaned in unison.

This woman was full of surprise, Jean-Louis thought to himself.

This man’s dick felt like it was made for my pussy, Emily thought to herself.

She paused to position herself properly, and then started to slide up and down his cock. Every inch of her body was responding to what was taking place in her midsection, you could hear the clap! clap! sound from her wiggly butt cheeks coming in contact with his upper thigh. Jean-Louis grabbed her by the waist so as to meet her half way everytime she slid down, she arched her back and had her perky tits point her nipples right in his face as they bounced along with their rhythm. He got a hold them and sucked harder while trying not to break their rhythm. At the background Zayn Malik’s pillow talk could be heard from the speaker. A couple of minutes later, Jean-Louis slid Emily over and got untop of her, he could feel her squirt all over his balls. He pulled out his cock and tapped it a couple of times on her clitoris and then slowly slid back into the warmth of Emily’s pussy. She found immense gratification seeing him moan with pleasure. With her thighs spread widely apart, he began thrusting and sliding slowly following the tempo of the song that was playing, this went a great length to edge Emily on coupled with the unmistakable burning combination of passion and pleasure she saw in his eyes. With every thrust came a different sensation all geared towards climax for both of them. She rubbed her hands all over his chest, and then his back, moving down to his waistline.

Don’t stop, uhhh yeah! yes! right there baby" Emily exclaimed amidst moans.

Jean-Louis leaned in a bit further and dug his fingers into Emily’s hair as he picked up his tempo.

Fuck yes!!! Fuck me harder Jean" she held on to nape of his neck and grabbed his lips. He picked up the tempo once more, driving them both closer to a climax. Emily’s started to wiggle on the bed, bead of sweat covered her forehead, her arms stretched above her head, her whole body shook with force, her back was arched allowing him slide his arm underneath, her closed thighs restricted his movement, and with that she climaxed as she quivered one last time before her body went limp . Her moans and screams edged him closer to cumin, she smiled lovingly at him as he put in the last couple of strokes before he shot his load all the way inside her pussy. A couple of seconds later his flaccid penis slid out of her pussy as he fell on the bed beside Emily like a log of wood.

They stared at each other adoringly with their bodies intertwined with the sheets, trying hard to catch their breath.

Jean-Louis was stroking Emily’s hair when he spoke “Damn, that was so lovely" he smiled and added “way better than I imagined it will be

Mockingly she responded “there’s a study that says, the first person to speak after sex usually says something stupid

They both laughed heartily to that as they enjoyed each other’s embrace.

Monsieur, you fuck like a pornstar" she kissed his cheek.

Jean-Louis smiled, squeezed Emily tighter and muttered “Merci mon amour."

They were both drawn out of their cozy love nest by Jean-Louis' door bell ringing 3 consecutive times. Emily sat up, clutched the sheets and checked the time. It was 3.30am!!!